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Free Comic Book Day

It’s taken me a while to get to writing this post, but this year, for the first time, my library celebrated Free Comic Book Day! FCBD is an annual event held the first Saturday in May. Its largest group of participants are comic book shops, but libraries and schools are welcome to get involved, too. The purpose of FCBD is to hand out free comics to patrons.

Free? What comics? Well, it’s free for the patrons, but the shops or libraries have to purchase the comics from the publishers (very cheap though). The comics themselves aren’t just any comics. They are comics specially made by the publishers for FCBD. They serve as great introductions to series to hook new readers.


For my library’s celebration, we partnered with a local comic book shop to obtain the comics. I selected 14 kids or all-ages titles to be ordered as we were hosting the day in the Youth Services Department. I had teen volunteers at the table with the comics to explain the event and help children and parents choose comics. I had a limitation of one comic per child, but we did have leftovers so next year we will probably allow 2 comics per child.

Our most popular comic was Hello Kitty.


Other than the comics, I printed out coloring pages and other activity sheets from Marvel and DC for the kids to take home. I had tables of displays from our graphic novel collection, separated by genre/theme (ex. “As Seen on TV,” “Superheroes,” and “Realistic”). These displays were important because my rational for bringing FCBD to the library was to increase the readership of our graphic novel collection. I also had a trivia box with the chance to win prizes including FCBD t-shirts, an Adventure Time hat, an Ariol poster, or a Dinosaurs poster.


Celebrating FCBD in the Youth Services Department of my library was a huge success, and I look forward to making it even bigger and better next year!

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