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Scroll Story: Wake Up, It’s Spring!

on March 26, 2014

I love making flannel stories, but I wanted to change it up a bit and try something new. Hence, the scroll story was born. This story is based off the picture book Wake Up, It’s Spring! by Lisa Campbell Ernst. The gist is that spring has just arrived so then sun wakes up the earth, who wakes up a worm, who wakes up a seed, who wakes up a ladybug… and so on and so forth. Then everyone dances because they are happy it is spring.

To tell this story, I have drawings of each thing that is woken up. I taped them on a long strip of butcher paper and rolled it all up around some rolled up and stapled cardstock. As I go through the story, I un-roll one picture at a time until the whole thing is showing- I needed a helper to hold one end as it was way too long for me to hold it all up myself. Also, I wrote some words on the back so I didn’t have to memorize the whole story. This project took a lot of time to make, but I think it’s pretty cool so hopefully I’ll find numerous occasions to use it!

WP_20140326_009 WP_20140326_011




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