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Happy Birthday Flannel Friday!

on March 13, 2014

My blog is all about birthdays lately! My last post was about my Happy Birthday! storytime that I did in honor of my upcoming birthday. However, this post is about a different birthday… Happy 3rd birthday Flannel Friday! To celebrate, participants were asked to share their favorite Flannel Friday projects.

There have been so many awesome and inspirational Flannel Friday projects that I cannot list them all, but here is a sampling of some that I really loved:

Hedgehogs from Miss Meg- Little hedgehogs the kids used with a song and then got to take home with them! Adorable.

I Dream of an Elephant from Miss Tara- I love using this book in storytime, and this flannel version is so cute!

Five Little Kites from Storytime Katie- I need to make some kites of my own soon, and if they turn out half as lovely as these, I’ll be thrilled.

Goldilocks from Library Village- I am in love with this flannel set. The pieces are so beautiful.

The Lovely Ladybug from Fun with Friends at Storytime- I made my own copy of this since I loved it so much. Thanks Kathryn for introducing me to the wonderfulness that is folder stories!

Go Away, Big Green Monster! Draw and Tell from So Tomorrow- I have yet to use a draw & tell in storytime, but when I do, this is one I’d love to try.

For more posts like this one, check out the round-up hosted by Anne at So Tomorrow.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday Flannel Friday!

  1. Katie says:

    Thank you for including the kites — they are so special to me since they were my first Flannel Friday submission!

  2. meg says:

    Thanks for including my hedgehogs!! That was probably one of my biggest storytime hits!

  3. Miss Sue says:

    And thank you for including my Goldilocks set! I love telling traditional tales with felt!

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