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Storytime: Elephants

on February 6, 2014

I’ve fallen a little behind in posting my storytimes, so this is actually last week’s Evening Family Storytime. The theme was Elephants!

Book: Hide & Seek by Il Sung Na


Rhyme: “What a nose!”

An elephant stomps like this and that
He’s terribly big
And he’s terribly fat
He has big ears
And he has big toes
And goodness gracious
What a nose!

Book: Tweak Tweak by Eve Bunting


Song: “Elephants Have Wrinkles”

Learned from this youtube video:

Elephants have wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles
Elephants have wrinkles
Wrinkles everywhere
On their toes
On their toes
No one knows
No one knows
Knees, hips, ears, trunks

Book: I Dream of an Elephant by Ami Rubinger


Book: If You’re Happy and You Know It: Jungle Edition by James Warhola


Rhyme: “Animals”

Let’s hear you roar like a lion!
Let’s see you jump like a frog!
Let’s see you snap your jaws like a crocodile!
Let’s hear you howl like a dog!
Pretend you’re an elephant with a big, looooong, truck.
Pretend you’re a monkey. Let’s see you jump, jump, jump!
And now you’re a mouse. Just let me see
How very, very quiet you can be.


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