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Storytime: Bears

on January 17, 2014

This week’s theme for evening family storytime was Bears! Mostly I chose this theme because I wanted a chance to use a new favorite picture book of mine, Baby Bear by Kadir Nelson. I had a small group again this week, but we all had a fun time. The kids especially enjoyed playing with the Goldilocks flannel pieces at the end of storytime!

Book: Baby Bear by Kadir Nelson


Fingerplay: “Two Little Black Bears”

Created by the awesome ladies of Jbrary:

Flannel Story: Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Book: Where’s My Teddy? by Jez Alborough


Song: Freeze Dance by Greg & Steve “Kids In Motion

What does this song have to do with bears? Nothing… unless you say, “We’re going to pretend we’re in a forest with bears. When they aren’t around we can dance and sing… but when the music stops it means a bear is nearby, and we have to freeze so he doesn’t see us!”

Book: About a Bear by Holly Surplice



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