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Too Much Noise Flannel

on October 30, 2013

I recently shared my finger puppet story of Too Much Noise. For that version I say the man is a zookeeper and brings in his animal from the zoo. However, next week I’m doing a barnyard themed storytime so I decided to make flannel farm animals! In the story, the farmer cannot sleep because he thinks there is too much noise (leaves, bed, door..) so he goes to the wise old woman and she tells him to bring the cow into his bedroom. He does this, but that night there is even more noise! He returns day after day and each time the old woman tells him to bring in another animal. Eventually, after 5 animals have been brought in his room and he has still been unable to sleep, the old woman says to put all the animals back in the barn. From then on he is able to sleep. I love telling this story because kids love it every time and always participate in making the animal noises and saying “Too much noise!”.


(also, if the cat looks familiar, it’s because I am borrowing it from my Three Little Kittens set instead of making another one!)


3 responses to “Too Much Noise Flannel

  1. […] up we have Stories with Ms. Jenna. She created a Barnyard/Farm theme folktale called Too Much Noise. This is a cute story you can use with any of your farm flannels. In a previous post she adapted it […]

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