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Storytime: Names

on September 12, 2013

Yesterday night was my first Evening Family Storytime! It is aimed at children ages 2-6 and their families. My first theme was “Names.” Overall, we had a lot of fun, and hopefully they’ll all be back next week! I am using the same Hello and Goodbye songs/ rhymes each week. Here is what else we did at the “Names” storytime:

Book: Me… Jane by Patrick McDonnell


Rhyme/Activity: Hickity Pickity

Hickety-Pickety Bumble Bee
Won’t you say your name for me?
Let’s clap and say it.
Jen-na (clap-clap with syllables)
Let’s say it loud!
Let’s say it quiet.

We sat in a circle and went around doing this for every child’s name. In my handout for the storytime I included an “Early Literacy Tip!” section next to the words for this rhyme: Breaking words into syllables is a component of developing phonological awareness (awareness of sound structure) which leads to later success in reading and spelling.

Book: Matthew A.B.C. by Peter Catalanotto


Song/Flannel: Aiken Drum by Wiggleworms Love You -see my earlier post about my Flannel for this song. I also handed out the instruments listed in the song to the kids so they could jam out.

Book: My Name Is Elizabeth by Annika Dunklee


Song: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt by Susie Tallman

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, that’s my name too
Whenever we go out, the people always shout
There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Da da da da da da da!

I let the kids free dance for the song and we all threw our hands up in the air for the “Da da da…” part.

I could have probably squeezed in another book but I decided to give them a few minutes to look at the books I pulled that they could check out. And then I got my first library-kid hug so my night ended on a great note. 🙂


One response to “Storytime: Names

  1. Toni Goodall says:

    Sounds like a great night!

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