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Early Literacy Kits: Rhythm and Rhymes

on August 2, 2013

At my library, we have an area called the Preschool Pavilion. It’s a gorgeous, spacious area at the end of the library next to floor to ceiling windows. In this area we have puzzles and puppets and ipads and toy cars… and now we also have early literacy kits. Each kit is just a simple plastic box filled with some toys and a paper explaining how to use these items to encourage literacy. One kit that I created is called the “Rhythm and Rhymes” kit. Inside, there are laminated sheets hooked together with a loose-leaf ring. Each sheet has  a rebus rhyme on it [see below- click to view larger]. Also in the box are two eggshakers, and an explanation sheet stating:

Ideas for How to Play Together:

1. Read the rhymes with your child. Point to the words and pictures while reciting and have your child help say the words as able.

2. Have your child shake the eggshakers to each syllable to practice rhythm. For example, hey did-dle did-dle the cat and the fid-dle.

3. Ask your child to help you find the words that rhyme. For example, in “Hey Diddle Diddle” you can ask your child to point to the picture of the word that rhymes with ‘moon’.

I’m pretty happy with how my first kit turned out, although we have had an issue with the egg shakers not being placed back in the box! We are going to rotate the kits every month or so (still haven’t completely decided). Next up, I’m creating a grocery kit, and I’ll be sure to post about it when it’s finished!





3 responses to “Early Literacy Kits: Rhythm and Rhymes

  1. Melisa says:

    What a great idea! Are the kits available for checkout or used in-house only? How often do you clean the materials?

    • Jenna says:

      Right now we just have them for in-house use. We haven’t discussed how often they will be cleaned but I’m assuming we’ll do that as we rotate them unless we need to earlier. 🙂 It’s a new thing so we’re still working out the kinks!

  2. […] August, I posted about the first Early Literacy Kit I made: Rhythm and Rhymes. Recently, we put out a new kit I put together called Grocery Kit. Inside, there are play foods, a […]

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